ProTouch (UK) Ltd undertakes fully comprehensive manned guarding contracts, covering commercial, retail and entertainment security assignments.

Properties and commercial businesses can be susceptible to theft, damage, acts of vandalism, fly tipping, drug misuse and unauthorised access.

Providing venues with manned guarding security measures is the first step to pro-actively controlling crime and social disorder that may impact upon your business.

ProTouch (UK) Ltd will make an assessment of your business activity and provide accurate security services with the introduction of our fully vetted, trained and licensed security officers who can operate around the clock to secure your gate house or reception security duties.

ProTouch (UK) Ltd understands the factors involved in providing security services to those assignments that bring our officers into contact with the general public. In effect ProTouch (UK) Ltd will act as your security department releasing you from everyday security difficulties, allowing you more time to spend on your business.